King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The minimal care facility consisted of three patient wings with 300 beds with nurses' station on each floor at each wing. Also located at each nursing station is med dispensing, soiled and clean linen units. The facility had 5 star finishes and a grand reception area with a monumental stair leading to the upper floors and an exposed honey combed exposed structural system. The project also included a 10,000 sf cafeteria, 3500 sf kitchen, 4000 sf administrative offices, and a 2000 feet long pedestrian and utility tunnel 40 feet underground linking the building to the main campus.

Edward Lewis, AIA was project manager for the $56 million dollar hospital expansion project. Edward was responsible for the team of architects and engineer in Miami to design, produce the construction documents and prepare the specifications for the project. At the completion of the Construction Documents Ed moved to Saudi Arabia and was responsible for the team's office operations and construction administration duties of the firm.

A 4,000 sf mosque was designed and is located in the courtyard of the facility. During this time Ed also was involved in the design and construction of a Woman's OB/GYN Facility at King Fiasal Research Center.
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