Transportation based projects involve complex engineering systems, large-span structures, conveying systems, complex communication and security systems. The planning of these facilities requires in-depth knowledge of pedestrian movement, flow, stacking and ergonomics of travelers as well as management and administration of the facilities.

Seaports are one of the most important components of intermodal transportation systems. The architectural and engineering systems that make up a port - road, rail, sea-air network are vast and complex. Edward Lewis Architects often analyze various systems in the course of our design investigation and analyses.

Edward Lewis Architects, Inc. has designed transportation based projects in the South Florida Area and the Caribbean Region for both the private and public sectors. Edward Lewis Architects's staff and consultants have worked with the FAA and both Federal and local Governing agencies on these facilities. Edward Lewis Architects's staff is well versed in the unique governmental regulations and vast array of approvals required for these facilities.
The firm has provided architectural and engineering services for new airports at the Grand Bahama International Airport, The Grand Bahama Domestic Terminal in Freeport, the Marsh Harbor Airport International Airport in the Abacos and the Terminal Wide Security Project at Miami International Airport and site-building planning for Carnival Cruise lines in Miami. The team has site planning, new building and alterations designs for air, sea and land sides.

Edward Lewis Architects's transportation related projects include new airport facilities, airport alteration and upgrades, seaport design and planning, fire rescue stations and transportation-traffic controls centers.
  Grand Bahama
Domestic Airport

Transportation Planning
Carnival Cruise Lines

Miami International Airport
Professional Services Terminal Wide

  US Preclearance¬† Facility INS/FIS
Grand Bahama, Island

Interior Architecture
Grand Bahama International Airport

Marsh Harbour International Airport
The Abacos, Bahamas

  Grand Bahama Island
International Airport

Jackson Health North Miami Beach
Ryder Trauma FAA Approved Helipad

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