Kislak Bank and Corporate Headquarters

The 80,000 s.f. Kislak Corporate Headquarters was designed and constructed in a one year time frame. The architect, contractor and developer worked closely on this turnkey design-build project, allowing the project to meet the strict time, budget and design parameters. In 1992, Edward Lewis Architects designed an expansion facility for Kislak Mortgage Company. The scope of work included remodeling a 65,000 s.f. office building and a 2.5 acre parking expansion. The interior architecture, space planning and programming services included 140,000 s.f. of office space, and encompassed the needs of over 800 people.

The Kislak museum is located within the Kislak Corporate Headquarters. The collection contains many priceless pieces of Pre Columbian art work, many of the pieces are part of a traveling exhibit that tours the great museums of the world.

The museum is accessed by an architectural stairwell that is accented by a Calder mobile that floats above the stair well. The museum is positioned adjacent to a tropical garden on the third floor of the building. The museum is accessed through a Mayan Arch constructed of granite into the main hall that is flanked by custom designed exhibit cases constructed specifically for the items displayed within. The glass enclosures are designed with special glass that absorbs harmful light ray and obscures a sensitive security system. The individual pieces are lit by concealed lighting. The space is accented by natural lighting throughout the space that accents architectural features of the museum.

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