Municipal projects bring unique challenges to architectural design. Generally these projects are highly visible and are at the forefront of public opinion. The projects tend to be located within urban settings. Many municipal buildings become landmarks and the center of activity for their communities.

As such, Edward Lewis Architects, Inc. considers it essential to understand how these facilities integrate itself into the fabric of the community. Issues such as the public space's relationship to the pedestrian-scope and scale, and its interaction with neighboring structures are all weighed in the creation of each public space. ELA believes in planning exciting and stimulating facilities that are environmentally sensitive to their surroundings. Many municipal projects carry high tech themes.

These projects require a special focus; many of these projects require specialized needs such as low vibration floors, hazardous materials usage, clean rooms, security issues, and more. The design for this project type necessitates open minds and cutting edge thinking. Edward Lewis Architects's success has stemmed from Edward Lewis Architects's real dedication to innovative problem solving and Edward Lewis Architects's focused on tomorrow and the future.
These featured projects on our municipal sector are recommended by our staff as highlights of our work. Some are our most popular projects in the municipal sector up to date. Feel free to check out more information about our featured projects on the municipal sector by visiting the links below.
  Miami-Dade County
Telecommunications Bunker

Educational Projects

  Miami-Dade County
Traffic Control Center & Facility

Miami-Dade County - GSA
Government Service Administration

  Coral Gables
Public Words Department

Miami-Dade County
Parks & Recreations Department

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