Parks projects include a broad range of project types. Edward Lewis Architects and our consultants have experience preparing designs that include sports fields, path systems, vehicular circulation, storm water detention, wildlife habitats, visitor facilities and interpretive signage.

Understanding environmental and historic factors are instrumental in the design of park and recreation designs. Edward Lewis Architects believes that designated green space should accommodate valuable natural resources and historic structures for future generations to enjoy. Parks, recreation facilities, and open spaces provide a multitude of benefits to both people and the natural environment.

Edward Lewis Architects have designed parks that include small neighborhood pocket parks, trails, greenways, water shorelines, large planned urban and regional parks, and forested areas within and surrounding cities. Many of Edward Lewis Architects park designs include recreational facilities with playgrounds, ball fields, tennis courts, and gymnasiums.
Many of the design have included formal and informal gathering places for those who seek to be physically active, socialize, relax, build community, and connect with the natural world. Edward Lewis Architects parks strive to make urban areas more inviting for living, working and relaxing. And, they provide environmental benefits, such as storm water management, erosion control, buffering between built and natural environments, and wildlife habitat.

The design strive to ensuring that these spaces are safe and secure; well preserved, designed, constructed; socially and culturally relevant; appropriately and equitably located within the neighborhoods and physically accessible.
  NFL Youth Education Town Center
Gwen Cherry Park - Liberty City

Coral Bay Park
Coral Gables, FL

Moore Park
Miami, FL

  Ruth Brian Owen Waterway Park
Coral Gables, FL

Doral Country Club - Miami, FL

Goulds Recreation Center and Gym

Jefferson Reaves Park
  Jayce Park
Coral Gables, FL

Metro Zoo - PAW Exhibit
Miami, FL

Worlds Fair Spain
Convention Center

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