Edward Lewis Architects's has been recognized within the industry as a leader in facilities planning and interior architecture. Edward Lewis Architects's Facilities Management, data gathering, fixed asset control process will support ongoing management requirements. This process allows each design project to meet the client's program requirements, time schedules and budget.

The firm's philosophy imbeds the ideas that the implementation of in-depth strategic plan, branding, streamline design programs, and good design practices reinforce long and short range planning goals. From architectural space planning to color and materials selection, design excellence in interior spaces affects the functionality of a company as well as the image the company and project wants to convey. Whether a fortune 500 companies, a local corporation, health care facility, restaurant, retail space or school, interior design is the key to how the users of each space feels, acts and thinks. Edward Lewis Architects Interiors utilizes a mix of creativity and understanding of functions and uses to create a look and layout that works, and works well. Edward Lewis Architects designs millions of square feet annually for our institutional and commercial clients. Edward Lewis Architects are experts in facility designs and has a successful history of meeting schedules and deadlines
Architectural Interiors is a tool that many companies use to convey an image and assist in organizing their operations for effective and efficient operations.

Edward Lewis Architects, Inc. understands the principles behind good interior architecture and implements special architectural space planning practices, the use of color and material selections, and creative interior spaces to achieve the goals of the end users. ELA Interiors utilizes a mix of creativity and understanding of functions to create a look and layout that meets the parameters of excellent design and creativity.
  US Preclearance Facility INS/FIS
Grand Bahama Island

Freeport Domestic Terminal
Grand Bahama Island

  MARS Music Center
Corporate Headquarters

COX Media
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Corporate Headquarters

Financial Institutions
Multiple locations

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