Portofino Plaza
Medical Arts Building
Homestead, Florida

The Portofino Plaza is located on Campbell Drive and the turnpike in Homestead, Florida. The project is located within a mixed use PUD development. The project is located within a 5.9 acre site and shares parking with the Movie Theater. The demand for parking for each project occurs during different times of the day, allowing ample parking for both projects.

The project consists of two, 3-story, 45,000 sf buildings with a total of 90,000 sf for the project. Each building has a footprint of approximately 15,000 square feet. The two buildings are mirror images of each other that contain retail on the ground floor and professional office space on the upper floors. A porte cochere joins the two buildings at their respective lobbies. All retail spaces can be accessed by means of an arcade which runs along the length of each building and ties into the porte cochere. The third floor steps back at each corner to reveal a terrace and trellis. The building's common area has been consolidated in order to maximize rentable space.

Each building is constructed with a 30' x 35' foot column grid with load-bearing exterior walls. Rooftop mechanical equipment is aligned with the interior column grid so that utilities can run vertically alongside the columns again, in an effort to maximize the rentable area. The building's rectangular shell is articulated by the arcade, terraces and a central tower. The stucco fa├žade is given definition by the use of score lines, molding and architectural accents. Use of materials such as tile roof, wooden trellis and Bahamian shutters add detail, texture and color.

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