School Board of Broward County
Coconut Creek Roof Replacement

The Roof Replacement Project at Coconut Creek High School consists of the removal and re-roofing of 177,000sf. Existing roof systems consisted of 2 to three roofs and were removed to the original structural.

A new roof system was installed consisting of LWIC with R-19 insulation and a 3 ply modified bitumen roofing system with an energy star cap sheet and a rating of SRI-78. Portions of the existing roof were found to have insufficient roof slope and roof drains the project requiring Edward Lewis Architects to design a roofing system to increase the roof slope to ¼” per foot and add overflow drains and new drains as required.

The entire roof system was design to meet the standards and protocols of the Florida Building Code regarding attachment and uplift for the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ). Pull tests were performed on all existing roof decks to ensure that existing concrete deck and metal deck would meet the requirements of the protocols. Existing skylights were removed and new lightning Protection was added as a part of the scope of work for this project.

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