Doctors Hospital - Baptist Health of South Florida
Orthopedic and Neuro Surgical Suites

The project include two surgical suites, each surgical suite program was designed and developed with a unique set of parameters established by the end users.

The Orthopedic suite included Berchtold light Booms and a Laminar flow hood requiring with unique air flow and air change characteristics. The overhead equipment was designed with a proprietary uni-strut structural support system. The suite was designed for total joint replacements.

The Neuro suite included a light boom with integrated unique Neuro surgery equipment. A series of Brainlab light boxes and visual monitors were supported from the unistrut structural system.

Separating the two surgical suites are sub sterile equipment room and a scrub area. Polytronix one way light panels are provided separating the hand scrub area and the OR.
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