Doctors Hospital
Surgical Instruments Sterilization – 2nd Floor
Clean Work Room 229 and Decontamination 228

The Surgical Sterilization Rooms are located on the second floor at Doctors Hospital in Coral Gables, Florida.

The AHCA approved project involved relocating and enlarging the existing foot print of the surgical suite to accommodate a new Surgical Instrument Sterilization Area. The project involved the demolition of the existing separation partition, removal of dumbwaiter enclosure, removal of compartment for sterilizer (no longer in use), and removal of all existing finish materials.

The new work consists of the installation of new separation partition, new sterilizer enclosure, new ceiling and floor systems and new resilient wall covering at all exposed wall surfaces.

In addition, new work includes the installation and utility hook up of new equipments and fixtures.

To accommodate the new loads of the sterilization equipment a new steel structural system was added to the floors below.
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