Medical Arts Buildings
Commercial Offices

Medical Arts Commercial Office Buildings bring unique challenges to architectural design. Usually, these projects are located in urban high density settings and many become icons to their surroundings.

ELA's in depth knowledge of health care office planning, allows for the integration of the required componets that will simplify and enhance the design and construction of the healthcare facilities that will be placed within the building as spaces are leased.

he building design starts with the selection of most efficient building systems and building grid design based on proven healthcare planning modules and standards. In addition our team has indept knowledge of each structural system and can provide an efficient system allowing for the placement of the perferred ceiling heights, and sufficient space for the ever increasing MEP plenum requirments. Many times we have designed the structural system with provisions of what we know will be required at a latter date, this saves our clients time and money.

Our ability to design efficient building cores allow for a very attractive common area factor allowing the building leasing team an easy sale and the end user more bang for the buck.

ELA offers a diverse range of service that strives to supports our clients at every stage of the real estate process. These services support the initial planning strategy through project implementation and facilities management and are further developed through ELA's facilities master planning, corporate imaging, architecture and design, interior architecture, graphic design and computer animation experts.
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