Park Plaza
Medical Arts Office Building

The Park Plaza Medical Arts Building facilities are 160,000 SF with 800 car parking spaces. Park Plaza is located in urban setting and will become an icon to the surroundings.

Edward Lewis Architects designed the facility with the focus of the relationship of the building with the surrounding neighborhood and how it interacts with the public on a pedestrian and vehicular level. All of these factors Edward Lewis Architects incorporate the use of light and color to define the important elements in the building such as the entrance areas. Light and shading is used in the building to create depth and interest. The exterior skin of the building has warm tinted glazed windows. This warm color gives people and the surrounding a healthy positive work environment.

The development team determined that the building would be constructed from pre cast concrete during the initial phases of the project. The construction is based on methods that accelerate the construction to minimize the impact of the construction on the community by using pre-cast construction techniques. The building is designed on a 30' grid that allows for the ideal planning of interior office. This grid accommodates open plan office designs as well as walled offices.

Edward Lewis Architects provided LEED and sustainable green architecture, attempting to minimize the impact of the project on the community. The building is sensitive to the manner in which it is integrated into the urban fabric of the community.
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