Housing Redesign for Accessibility Standards

Edward Lewis Architects was commissioned by MDPHA to provide site designs and feasibility study for affordable housing projects throughout Miami Dade County. The information contained within the report documents the existing zoning classification and the allowable maximum and minimum usages as they apply to future development on the site. The study focuses on increasing the use and density on the site.

The site studies will give the maximum and minimum allowable usages and does not offer opinions regarding what should be built. MDHA will be required to offer recommendations of the final density of the site based on the community needs and the character of the neighborhood.

Edward Lewis Architects was commissioned by MDPHA to provide architectural and engineering services on 24 separate housing units at 6 separate sites to redesign the unit for compliance to the Uniform Federal Accessibility Stardards - UFAS. The scope of work for MDHA projects included the following.
• Evaluate each site for Compliance with UFAS criteria.
• Complete Design, Construction Documents and Construction Administration (as required by MDHA and/or permitting agencies) for compliance with Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS)
• Perform all field investigative inspection and research necessary to provide assessments of existing conditions.
• Complete sites visits to create as builts documents and evaluate ADAAG report to verify accuracy.
• Determine Units availability, and propose changes if needed.
• Detail Design criteria based on ADAAG report, unit conditions and agency budget.
• Provide engineering services as required
• Submit appropriate design and construction documents that are specific to adherence with UFAS requirements.
• Describe in detail each phase of work for MDHA preliminary review and approval.
• Provide design and construction documents to comply with all currently applicable codes and requirements from agencies having jurisdiction.
• Provide detailed cost analysis for construction

Miami Dade Public Housing 24 units UFAS restoration
• MDHA-Homestead Gardens -1 unit
• MDHA-Homestead Village – 1 unit
• MDHA-Perrine Villas – 1 unit
• MDHA-Perrine Rainbow – 4 units – 10002 sw 173 terrace
• MDHA-Goulds Plaza – 2 u nits – 11453 sw 20013 st
• MDHA-Goulds - 3 units – 11235 sw 220 ter
• MDHA Coconut Grove – 2 units
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